Thursday, August 26, 2010


Often we get so caught up in what we think is going on, who we think we are, and where our place in the world is, that we forget a fundamental truth.
Take away all your thoughts. Stop. Breathe. Feel the body you are in. Feel the experience you are.
This state of being is free of thought, of time, and of personal identity. It is a place where all your strings are cut and you are left with nothing to hold onto. No concepts, no pleasant beliefs or affirmations, no status; nothing.
Can you deal with that? Does it scare you? Why does it scare you?

We cannot escape sorrow, fear, or pain. These are facts of life, as are their opposites. We have to accept these experiences and observe them. To build a mental barricade of thoughts/beliefs/affirmations just to protect us from feelings we deem unnecessary only limits our capacity within the mind.

Stop trying to feel better. Just feel. Stop.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Eye of I

The Eye of I

The beginning and the end is I. And I is Now, and I is Here. Neither I, nor Now, nor Here have any meaning. For there is no Thing other than what is. The I is and is nothing. Nothing cannot be counted, Nothing cannot be measured, Nothing cannot be described. The beginning is also the end and all Things between.

The Eye of I is itself. The I sees its own possibilities with the Eye. It sees Creation in Nothing, it sees what is as itself. The Eye of I observes while the I is observed observing. The Eye and the I are Now and Here.

The possibilities of Nothing span from no Thing to every Thing. Nothing is Here and Nothing is Now. The Eye sees all things between no Thing and every Thing in the Here and in the Now. The Eye is Here and Now.

The Eye sees the I and the I is Nothing. In Nothing is no thing and every thing. The I is both the I and Not the I to the Eye. The Eye sees the I and does not see the I between no Thing and every Thing. The Eye that sees is the Eye that does not. The Eye that does not is seen by the Eye that does. The I is the Eye.

In the Eye We exist, to the I We do not. The I is what is, the Eye sees what is. The Eye is the Beginning and the End, the I is Eternal.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Be - Recommended Reading

For those of you who have an interest in learning more about Consciousness as well as its Affect on the Body, I have provided a list of books that I have read and would highly recommend. These books are of varying topics and cover the basics for anyone wishing to understand their "awakening mind". Enjoy.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Be: The Cure for Dis-ease


Saturday, May 19, 2007

Expressing myself....

I haven't been writing lately because I've recently found an interest in another form of expression. The beautiful part about writing on this blog is that the words give me a certain degree of anonymity...which is very helpful when talking about the undefinable "self". I've decided to try another form of expression and self-communication through the medium of YouTube. This is a much different form of expression and is quite entertaining. I will continue to write here on the blog, but if you would like to visit my Video Page please visit the link below



Sunday, April 29, 2007


Family. Often we seem to think of family as the people who are biologically connected to us. Those who share a name, a history, or a culture. This perception of family is rampant in our is promoted, advertised, and even deemed necessary. It is the belief that you are part of a group that is somehow separate from the other "groups" throughout the world. It's a comfortable perception surely, but is it really what is?

As a body this perception is absolutely is a way of answering the question "Who am I?" or "Where do I come from?". But as a consciousness....things are a little different.
True, it's very reassuring to know that there are certain people that absolutely care for you and love's nice to know that those people we deem as "family" will always be there for us. It's an ego boost...a way of feeling important to someone else. But is this always the case? Unfortunately no.
Often our feelings of resentment or even disappointment come from the fact that this concept, which we have been told over and over again is the way things should be, is not the way things are. Sometimes we are abandoned, ignored, taken advantage of, or even used as a crutch for those who are supposed to understand us the most....those who are supposed to love us unconditionally often have conditions for that love. We are often "disowned" for something as simple as a different life choice...we are shunned because we choose to look at life a little differently, we choose to follow a different path, or even simply because we value different things.
Why? Because the concept of family is an ego-based concept. It is a belief that the body is more important than the consciousness that drives it. It is the belief that we are connected by blood and history...not by our awareness of self.
In being One entity the fact is that we have no family and that we are all family. "Family" doesn't even begin to describe how we are all connected...and in letting go of the concept we let go of the belief structure behind it. When we let go of our ingrained preconceptions of family we begin to see that those who are biologically connected to us are the same as everyone else...we lose our expectations of them...we accept that they, like every other reflection of your "self", have the right and ability to do and think anything they would like to. They are not under any illusionary responsibility to accept your life, the changes within it, or even your choices...they are under no contract.
Without the concept and preconceptions of a biological "family" we are faced with the realization that everyone has the right and ability to choose. They can accept you or not...they can relate to you or not...they can share with you openly or focus on their own needs and wants. If we all have this ability then there is no reason to separate us simply based on our last names or blood fact there is no need to separate us at all. If blood is what is important...we all have it. If we truly must have a Family...then we are all part of it. The questions "Who am I?" and "Where do I come from?" can be answered quite are us and we are you, we come from each other. We are one....value all of us, treat us equally and expect nothing. I will do the same for you.

Your brother, sister, father, mother, son, and daughter,


Saturday, April 14, 2007

Interesting clues....

I'm not generally one who clings to belief structures or the interpretations of others. I don't believe a book or scroll will give you the answers...but I do pay attention to everything that comes through my reality.
Reality...from the very beginning, has had a lot of constant symbols (The Bible is an example) that practically scream for your attention. These symbols are made important by their age mostly...and since we are not trying to learn new things but rather remember things we already know...history is a good place to look for clues that we have left ourselves.

With this in mind I find the Mayan Calender very interesting. I may not agree with many of the interpretations people have made from this calender but I definitely recognize it's "historical" accuracy and the fact that it seems to be describing the "pattern of consciousness" that is unfolding. The calender itself is attempting to describe the organized steps of creation...not specifically, but in general terms. Recently I stumbled across a video seminar given by Ian Lungold on and thought that you, the reader, might be interested in checking it out. If anything, it's an interesting subject.

2003 Seminar

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